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Reconditioned Wooden Pallets

Over 40,000 reconditioned wooden pallets in stock at any given time. We stock a wide variety of Standard sized (1200x1000mm) and Euro spec pallet types (1200x800mm)

Reconditioned Wooden Pallets

New Wooden Pallets

All our timber is from sustainable sources. New wooden pallets are available in both ISPM15 heat treated and untreated in various grades and sizes which includes bespoke pallets.

New Wooden Pallets

Packaging & Cases

Derryadd Pallets manufactures a wide range of packaging. From palletised boxes to potato or apple crates we cater for all. We offer both treated and untreated packaging & timber cases.

Wooden Packaging & Cases

(ISPM15) Heat Treated Pallets & Kiln Drying

We deliver ISPM15 heat treatment or kiln drying certificate.

We manufacture and deliver heat treated pallets throughout the UK and Ireland.

We are fully prepared for any Brexit outcome.

Our new Kiln can produce 3000-4500 Heat Treated pallets per day to cover all our customers demand should there be a NO Deal Brexit.

With the growing demand Internationally year on year for ISPM15 Heat Treated pallets our onsite Kiln will ensure we can cater to your ever growing demands. We’ve plans in the pipeline to introduce an additional Kiln and new Wood Waste boiler to run our Kilns from our own waste wood. Effectively making us self-sustainable from Fossil fuels.

Derryadd Pallets Ltd supply customers with new ISPM15 heat Treated pallets in standard, Euro and bespoke sizes. As a member of the UK Wood Packaging Material Marking Programme (UKWPMMP) we are licensed and accredited by the Forestry Commission. All our heat treated pallets are marked with our Forestry Commission stamp and are fully certified.

With each and every load of treated pallets we deliver a heat treatment or kiln drying certificate accompanies it giving our customer’s traceability and an audit trail. Through our membership of Palletlink we are kept up to date with any and all changes to wood packaging legislation & export laws ensuring our products always meet these high standards.

Contact us if you require heat treated pallets.

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ISPM15 Heat Treated Pallets Northern Ireland

Kiln Drying Services

We can reduce moisture content of pallets to suit industry demands from 20% down as low as 12%.

The reason some customers demand kiln drying are:

  • It reduces susceptibility to moulds and fungal decay.
  • To meet manufacturing specifications..
  • To reduce shrinkage after delivery to users.
  • To cut out contact water damage for food and drink shippers or customers who store paper or cartons on timber pallets.
  • To maximise strength, since mechanical properties of timber start to increase as it dries below 28% moisture content.
  • To make empty pallets easier to move by hand, since kiln dried timber is lighter than green undried timber.
  • To reduce corrosion of nails and metal fixings.

ISPM15 Regulations Links

GOV.UK : Wood Packaging Goods for Import and Export

Timcon : ISPM15 - Global Exporters Guide

Through our membership of Palletlink, an independent association providing technical support for the pallet and case industry, we can provide help and guidance from pallet design right through to manufacture and delivery ensuring we supply the right pallet for the job.

For your heat treated pallets, don't hesitate to contact Derryadd Pallets, Northern Ireland.

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Reconditioned Wooden Pallets Northern Ireland

Pallets are collected and delivered to our purpose built facility before being hand sorted and quality inspected by dedicated Pallet Operatives. They are then repaired if necessary using quality recovered materials before being graded to suits our customer’s individual requirements. Pallets that pass this process are made available for despatch.

Reconditioned Wooden Pallets